Made to order info

We all have different designs and styles that we have in mind right!?

Lovaia Moccasins have created a space were you can choose and style your own Moccasins! *subject to material availability*

As we prepare our catalogue of colours, styles and textures! Please contact us via our website or social media platforms to discuss what you have in mind! 

We will then respond and communicate with you within 48 hours! 

Once confirmed, simply select your ideal base sole and sizing. We will send out a confirmation email along with an invoice.

The important bit:

There are limited slots available each month. The listing will then close once full! 

Please be aware that our made to order process can take up to 4-5 weeks to complete! ( expect delays due to COVID-19) An email will be sent once they are ready, packed and shipped! 

Our team works super hard to ensure we create your ideal pair of moccasins!